Nadi Sodhana Workshop

The Nadi Shodana workshop will teach you how to move through Ashtanga yoga’s second series. Giving you the tools to find a stead breath through a sequence of postures designed to stimulate the nervous system.


Nadi Sodhana: Experience Ashtanga’s Second Series

Price: $60

Co-led with Heather Hax

Saturday, August 10, 2:00-5:00 pm

YogaWorks Midtown, Baltimore


Ashtanga yoga’s second series (called Nadi Sodhana) is a fun and dynamic sequence that challenges students to find a steady flow of breath through postures that stimulate the nervous system. Heather and Justin will lead you through an exploration of the sequence of postures. In this workshop you will:

  • Get an introduction to the history and philosophy of Nadi Sodhana

  • Learn the poses of Ashtanga yoga’s second series

  • Learn how to extract information from Ashtanga’s Primary Series to apply to Second Series

  • Deepen your current yoga practice through as you explore backbends, deep forward folds, and inversion

This workshop was created to support students with a steady yoga practice where ever they are currently while providing a look towards the future. This workshop is not suitable for students who are brand new to a yoga practice.

Justin has this unique way of inspiring folks in the room to dig deep, be present, and also enjoy the experience. He is truly gifted at leading the yoga practice and I feel immensely fortunate to have been able to learn from him.
— Amy Raydon